Season 1 – Statistical Analysis

So with our first season complete, it’s time to look back at our overall performance and identify some key areas of our season and look at the areas we need to improve, if we are to seriously push for automatic promotion next season.

At the beginning of the season we were one of the favourites to go straight back down, even our board expected us to battle bravely against relegation. Thankfully, we massively outperformed expectations all season and finished 2nd in the league, losing in the play off semi final against Yeovil Town.

The board state they are disappointed the team didn’t go further than the play off semi finals. Considering they expected relegation, I would of thought they would of been ecstatic at a 2nd place finish so I’m disappointed to only get a C- for our performance in the league.

The board were pleased we reached the second round of the FA Cup losing to League 2 side Mansfield Town having only expected us to reach the first round as a minimum. The performance by the team in the Buildbase Trophy, expecting us to get to the third round as a minimum, however, we well to Potters Bar in the first round which was a very disappointing performance overall.

Our biggest win of the season was the 5-1 away victory at Bromley in December and our ‘match to remember’ was our 2-1 away win at bitter rivals Yeovil Town. Camp becoming a hero with his 93rd minute goal.


Nothing really of note about our finances, club reputation in local and I don’t expect this to change too much until we start moving up the leagues. Obviously, annual revenue is increased so hopefully our good performance in the league will improve the sponsorship, corporate hospitality and match day revenue. Our merchandise sales equated to £13.56k and our top shirt sales where Cooke, Semple, Shields, McQuoid and Santos.

Best 11

Our best 11 is as expected apart from Jack Buchanan who, in 24 starts only managed an average rating of 6.50 and barely played the second half of the season so I’m surprised he was put onto the list. Three best players by a mile where Jordan (on loan), Semple (new signing) and Shields who has made the RW position his own. Shout out to Cody Cooke who is unfortunate not to make my top 3 with his 28 goals and 7 assists.

Awards and Record Breakers

I received 3 Manager of the Month awards over the course of the season.

Fans Player Of The Season – Sean Shields

Young Player Of The Season – Corey Jordan

Signing Of The Season – Callum Semple

Goal Of The Season – Alefe Santos

Top Goal Scorer – Cody Cooke – 28 Goals

Most Assists – Sean Shields – 11 Assists

Highest Average Rating – Sean Shields – 7.4

Most Passes Completed Per 90 mins – Lewis Montrose – DM – DLP

Most Overall Goals In A Season – Cody Cooke – 28 Goals

Most League Goals By A Player In A Season – Cody Cooke – 25 Goals

Most Goals By A Player In A Match – Josh McQuoid – 4 Goals

Most Goals By A Player In A League Match – Josh McQuoid – 4 Goals

Most Assists By A Player In A Season – Sean Shields – 11 Assists

Most Clean Sheets By A Player In A Season – David Adarkwa – 11 Clean Sheets

Most Player Of The Match Awards In A Season – Sean Shields – 8 Awards

Youngest Player – Janis Eltermanis – 16yrs 137 days

Highest Transfer Fee Paid – £1k – David Adarkwa

Fastest Goal – Sean Shields – 1 minute 54 seconds

Youngest Goal Scorer – Sam Pearson – 18 yrs 351 days

Oldest Goal Scorer – Lewis Montrose – 32 yrs 167 days

Team And Player Overview – Statistics

When you look at our overall team stats for the season there is a lot to be pleased with.

Attacking Stats

Passing stats

We completed 17716 passes, over 2000 passes more than Wealdstone, at an average pass completion rate of 86%, with an average possession stat of 59%. Considering the quality of player we have I am delighted with these figures. The players have brought into our possession based play and kept hold of the ball really well.

Shooting Stats

We were the 4th highest team for shots on goal with 603, with a shot accuracy of 47% meaning 284 (3rd highest) out of our 603 shots were on target.

Goals Scored

From our 284 shots on target we scored 81(10 penalties) goals meaning, our goal to shot ratio was 28%. In comparison, League winners Stockport scored 77 goals from 307 shots on target, meaning, their conversion was 25% so on these stats our attacking was outperforming the league winners.

Clear Cut Chances

We created 40 clear cut chances over the season, 9 more than Stockport, which is a really pleasing stat to see. Shows our attacking play and movement has led to some excellent chances for us.


We completed 446 crosses at a completion rate of 17%, we did score a few goals from crosses so this is an important part of our attacking game. Definitely some work to do on the training pitch to improve the completion rate which in turn should lead to more goals.

Where We Took Our Shots From

Attacking Summary

I’m really pleased with our attacking performance over the season, we dominated possession in the majority of our games, created more clear cut chances than anyone else and scored plenty of goals. The team have brought into the style of attacking play I want and have adapted really well to the tactic.

Our Assists
Our Goals Scored

The main bulk of our assists came through crosses (30) but only 13 coming from through balls, so perhaps we need to look at the roles and quality of our central players to see if we can improve this next season. 48 goals were scored from the penalty spot area which would go hand in hand with our crossing and through balls.

Defensive Stats

Goals Conceded

Having the 3rd best goals conceded record, on paper, looks really good but, conceding 46 goals in 45 matches would have cost us some points over the season. 6 goals conceded from corners and 6 from indirect free kicks tells me we need to look at our positioning and marking from set pieces. We did keep 16 clean sheets so that means out of the 29 games played where we conceded a goal, we averaged 1.58 goals conceded per game. This is something that we have to improve on next season.

Tackles Won

We completed 532 successful tackles at a win % of 84% showing we timed our challenges carefully and didn’t throw ourselves in to any tackle. We picked up 57 yellow cards and just the 1 red (Callum Semple on his debut). We made 356 blocks over the season – lowest in the league.


We made the lowest amount of clearance’s in the league, shows that the team brought into our play out from the back philosophy and had good composure and decision making to keep hold of the ball.


We made the highest amount of interceptions over the season showing great positional awareness and by applying pressure to the ball carrier we would force them into making errors and we had the players in the right positions to intercept the pass.

Shots against

We had the best stats in the league for restricting the shots on our goal, only 309, next best was Yeovil with 373. We worked hard to restrict shooting opportunities and, as you can see from the next image, had the best stats for conceding shots on target.

Shots Against On Target

Only 152 of the 309 total shots were on target which was the best in the league. We’ve done so well at restricting the number of shots on target, however, conceding 46 goals out of 152 shots on target is concerning.

Defensive Summary

Looking at our analyst report for conceding goals, 15 assists out of 45 (33%) came from the right side of the pitch.

and 25 of the 46 goals conceded were from the centre of the penalty area.

By looking at all the stats for our defensive play, I think we will need to look at Lucas Powell’s mentality and role and look to adjust this slightly to offer a bit more protection on the left. I will also look at my left central midfield player and see if a role change could offer more protection on the left side of the pitch. We will also need to work on defending set pieces as these contributed to 12 out of the 46 goals we conceded, and finally, look into tightening up the centre of our defence, perhaps dropping the offside trap and looking at playing a tighter marking game if the players are suitable for that instruction.

General Performance Vs National League Ave

Overall, we outperformed the divisional averages so there are lot’s to be pleased with in our debut season at Weymouth.

Team Comparison vs League Average

Goalkeeper Comparison

Our goalkeepers in the squad display some good stats vs the league averages, maybe focus training on reflexes and agility to improve these areas.

Defensive Comparison

Our defence lacks massively in heading and jumping, marking, positioning and strength which are all way below the league average. This is part of the reason we conceded so many goals and must be addressed as best we can during pre season.

Midfield Comparison

Passing, long shots, vision and decisions are well below the league average and we should look at our central midfield players and look to make improvements.

Attacking Comparison

Despite performing well in attack we lack greatly in finishing, jumping and heading and off the ball. I do need to find another striker during the summer so hopefully we can improve some of these areas.

Squad Physicals

Our collective squad physicals are pretty good but balance, jumping and strength need major improvements.

Squad Mentals

Some improvements needed in anticipation, bravery, positioning, teamwork and work rate. Overall, I’m pleased with how we compare to the league averages.

Squad Technicals

Plenty of work to do in the technical department, not surprised by these stats given the squad we inherited vs some of the squads in the division. This should improve as we increase the calibre of player.

Player Analysis

Player Stats Overview

Congratulations to Cody Cooke who finished the leagues top scorer with 25 goals.

Congratulations to Sean Shields who finished with the leagues best average rating of 7.38

Sean Shields also excelled in key passes with 132 and clear cut chances created with 8.

Defensively, we had 2 players in the top 5 for Key Tackles – Corey Jordan and Lucas Powell

The same 2 players also featured in the top 5 of interceptions made.

Our Squad metrics for the season.

And finally, our squad dynamics. For a semi professional club I’m pleases at how the dynamics have grown over the course of the season.

So there we have it, our season analysis and statistical breakdown from our debut season with Weymouth in the National League.

I appreciate you reading through the post and hope you enjoyed our look back over the season, some statistical analysis and our award winners and record breakers.

Follow me on twitter @thefmacademy1 to keep up to date with our progress up the leagues (hopefully) in non league to Champions League.

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